– a comprehensive virtual database of postcodes and addresses always within your reach

7 March 2018 is a platform dedicated to finding addresses together with matching postcodes in United Kingdom and all over the world. It came to life from the need to organise and verify the correctness of postal codes floating aimlessly around the World Wide Web.

An inexperienced researcher could get lost in a maze of redundant or obsolete data. And to make sure you are not making any mistakes when it comes to postal codes, you need to use only the most reliable resources available on the market. Having that in mind, the developers behind have decided to create a virtual repository of knowledge that is not only trustworthy, but also easy to use in everyday searches. What distinguishes from ordinary databases is the fact that it contains only the most relevant data that is updated regularly, thus guaranteeing maximum accuracy. The developers and web designers responsible for the platform have thought of every minute detail, starting from excellent search engine and orderly presentation of data, and finishing with modern web design and aesthetically pleasing layout.

With all your searches concerning postcode and address information are just a few mouse clicks away. The platform is equipped with a supersonic search engine that is able to retrieve relevant results in a matter of seconds. This virtual database also features a smart index that displays major towns and cities in the UK organised alphabetically, so that users can manually look up postal codes to particular towns. The home page of Postcode-checker houses a search bar where the users can input search criteria. When you are looking for a postcode to a specified address, just start typing the address and smart algorithm will produce relevant suggestions. When you are done, you will see corresponding postal code that matches the exact address of your search. If, on the other hand, you want to look up addresses assigned to specific postcode, type the postcode into the search bar and supersonic search engine will do the rest for you – it will present you with a list of addresses that go together with the parameters that you have put into the search bar. Pretty simple, right? On the top of that, the site also features an interactive Google-powered map that displays the places you are looking for. You can also use it instead of the search bar – just indicate the location of your interest by clicking on it on the map and you will get the exact address and postcode. If you want to choose another spot, drag the indicator to the intended place. is targeted towards business owners, researchers, analysts, entrepreneurs and individual customers who now have a valuable new resource for verifying addresses and postal codes at their disposal. From now on, you can have unlimited and free access to all information featured in the database. It is compatible with all kinds of portable devices which means that you can have this powerful online repository of knowledge always at your fingertips.