New Source of Data from Databases at Datastical

16 October 2017

In today's data-driven world, it is impossible to make a claim without offering a range of hard data that supports it. Professionals, ranging from researchers and journalists to entrepreneurs and marketers, are always looking for data and in-depth analytics.

Anyone who has ever tried looking for data about different business sectors knows how hard it is to find accurate and updated information. Databases are often not accessible or offer outdated data presented in a complicated and unattractive way.

Fortunately, that is beginning to change. Many institutions publish data for free, so it's only a matter of time before specific web platforms that aggregate data and present it in a user-friendly way emerge. Datastical is exactly that type of resource.

Thanks to a range of innovative, result-driven semantic solutions, Datastical brings its users a wealth of data about various business industries on a clean user interface.

The main idea behind Datastical is to present complex data covering many different industries on a user-friendly interface. Browsing the platform, users can get in-depth knowledge about these businesses easily.

What type of data can users find on the platform?

Datastical is dedicated to business data, and users can find all kinds of information about companies located in the United States. Right now, the platform includes data about motor carriers and medical institutions, but it's steadily growing, and more databases will be involved in the future.

Users can look for data in many different ways. First, they can have a look at the latest additions to the platform that offers a glimpse into the data that has been recently added, divided by category.

Another way for browsing data is through the company index which lists all businesses covered in the platform in an alphabetical order. It's enough to click on an individual profile to get all types of in-depth information.

Users can see the company name, Dot number, carrier operation, and information about the carrier, for instance, whether they are subject to placardable HM threshold or passenger carrier threshold. The profile displays a short description of the company together with plenty of detailed data such as contact information, state affiliation, number of power units and drivers, as well as MCS 150 mileage form date and per year.

Below, users can see the Safety Measurement System results as well. This section displays the total number of inspections within the last 24 months, showing the control types and the number of drivers who have been inspected.

Another way to find useful information is to look at the lowest section of the page that displays the nearby or popular companies in the category. This is a great help in learning more about the industry and finding out about the local market.

Having all the data from various databases aggregated in a single place is a tremendous aid to those who want quick access to in-depth data analysis. All data is presented in clear tables, or on attractive charts and graphs.

Datastical is a platform that shows the future of online databases, and it's bound to become a crucial tool for those interested in collecting data about any business sector.